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3 Things to Expect During Termite Inspection

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Termites can be a nuisance if you are unlucky enough to have an infestation in your home. The insects slowly destroy the wooden structures in your home, and before you know it, part of the attic has gone from a stable structure to a pile of dust. Therefore, it is vital to hire termite inspection services from time to time, especially if you live in a termite-infestation-prone zone. That said, it helps to understand what the termite inspection process entails so that you are not caught off guard with some of the requests from a termite inspector. This article highlights aspects to expect from a termite inspection session.

2-Hour Inspection: A termite inspection exercise is not one of those long inspection sessions like an air quality inspection. Since the process entails a thorough examination of the interior and exterior of the property in question, it usually takes a qualified inspector approximately 2 hours to complete. Inspectors go through every space and sub-space, such as the attic and foundation, looking for signs of termite presence. The exterior, the garage, barn, tree house, deck, trees, forage, and any area that termites can be found should be inspected. After roughly two hours, a qualified inspector should decide whether or not there are termites in or around your property.  

It Is a Visual Inspection: Termite inspection is, for the most part, visual, and this is difficult for an inspector especially because termites don't like the open air. The insects keep to the ground level structures, thereby making the search difficult for termite inspectors. Despite this, a qualified inspector can tell if there is active termite infestation just by looking at the finish on a wall surface. Therefore, do not expect an inspector to invade your home with fancy microscopes and cotton-white suits. One thing you can expect that might seem out of the ordinary is cellulose baits that are used if termites are found in or around your home. Qualified inspectors may even give you a free guide on how to conduct a visual termite inspection on your own.

Personalised Termite Treatment Programs: Once an inspector is done with the inspection, they will draw a detailed corrective or preventative treatment program that best for your home. The treatment programs are not the one-size-fits-all kind. It is because every property is different; for instance, some areas are high-risk zones, whereas others are low-risk zones. The treatment program you get must, therefore, be unique to your home and the surrounding environment. It will enhance the chances of success for the pest treatment program.