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3 Ways a Pest Control Service Can Help Your Business

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If you own a business, it is important that you keep your premises free from pests. Not only could pests damage equipment and stock, but they could also harm the health of your staff and customers. Also, the negative publicity which may occur following an infestation of pests could have a serious impact on your profits and reputation. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which a pest control company can help you to keep your business pest-free.

Setting up electronic deterrents

If you wish to keep rodents away from your building, you may wish to explore electronic deterrents. An electronic pest control device emits an ultrasonic sound wave that cannot be heard by the human ear but which will keep mice and rats away. However, it should be noted that the rodents will eventually adapt to the ultrasonic sound wave and it will become less effective. In the short-term, this is still a great solution which will buy you some time until you can take further pest control measures. Another benefit of using an electronic deterrent is that it cannot be seen or heard by your customers.

Setting baited traps

Even if you do not have an active infestation, you can help to protect yourself against attack by installing baited traps around the premises. These traps should be located in areas which are not accessible to customers as the sight of a trap may cause them to become upset. Ideal places for traps are in restricted zones such as the back office, the staff kitchen and restroom and inside storage areas. A pest control company can provide you with advice on where to place traps and can supply you with a range of lethal and non-lethal solutions.

Fumigating the building

Fumigation involves filling the building with a gas which is toxic to pests. It is best used to kill hard-to-spot pests such as mites, which may be hidden in the fabric of carpets and soft furnishings. Fumigation is also a very good way of killing any nests or eggs that have been laid in the building by pests.

Because the gas used to fumigate a building is harmful for humans to breathe, you will need to shut down the building for at least one day in order to have it fumigated. Make sure you schedule a fumigation date carefully so as to ensure it doesn't interrupt your operations significantly.