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Top 5 Quick and Effortless Ways to Pest Proof Your Home

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While it is true that roaches, mice, spiders, and other insects found in homes can be a health and safety concern, opting for chemical pest-control methods will further aggravate the condition by polluting the air within your home. before you think of any advanced methods, go to the basics of pest proofing and see how you can control some of these nasty pests through do it yourself pest control hacks. The advantage is, these tricks take less of your time and money while accomplishing the pest control goal. 

Setting Up Sticky Traps Glue traps are easy to set up and deliver rapid results. The strong adhesive used, enhances their effectiveness in trapping without the need to rely on baiting which may prove difficult in cases where the mice have another food source. To prevent other substances from sticking on the adhesive surface, special folding trap designs are used. Place your glue traps at the points of mouse activity.

Cleaning Up Your Kitchen By setting up a few minutes every day to sweep your floors, wipe your countertops, mop up spills, put dirty dishes into your dishwasher and empty your garbage, you can prevent pests such as mice, roaches, and spiders which frequent homes in search of leftovers. Once you bring home your grocery shopping, unpack it from its original bag and put it in tightly sealed jars and in the other designated storage places.

Sealing Up Pest Entry Points Pests can be opportunist, using every available hole, even the tiniest ones, as an entry points into your home. Areas such as window and door frames, entry points for pipes, and the seal around your dryer vent are some of the commonly used by pests to access your home. You can buy silicon caulk and carefully plug the small holes around these places. The added advantage with this is that apart from burying pests, sealing the tiny holes prevents air leaks hence saving energy.

Installing a Door Sweep This blocks the gap between the ground and the bottom section of your door. When done well, door sweeps can control the entry of pests as well as save you energy by plugging air leakage points. Door sweeps are available at hardware stores and ensure you get the type with an adhesive that sticks onto the door thus eliminating the need for drilling. The fifth pest proof strategy is to vacuum your home at least on a weekly basis to suck up and trap crawling insects that make it to your indoors.