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Is There A Pest Infestation Right In Your Pantry?

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When some homeowners think of pest infestations, they assume they would only require professional pest control services for common critters such as possums, bedbugs, mice and so on. AS a result, you could end up having a pest infestation right under your nose and not be aware of it because the insects do not seem threatening. One of the commonly overlooked spaces when it comes to pest removal is the pantry, yet this is one of the premium breeding ground for some insects due to the constant food supply. Pantry pests may not cause structural damage to your home or pose a health risk, but they will compromise your food supplies in the long run as they breed and multiply. Below are some of the pests to look out for that would indicate you have an infestation right in your pantry.

Red flour beetle

This pest is typically found in flour mills, so it makes its way into your home through contaminated flour. Once it is in your pantry, it can thrive on an assortment of dried food substances such as tobaccos, cornmeal, dried nuts, cake mix and flour. Red flour beetles are capable of flight so they can easily get around your home and breed in different areas. The primary indicator of a red flour beetle infestation would be larvae in your food items, as the adult beetles will typically wander off to other parts of the home.

Dermestid beetle

Another common pantry pest is the dermestid beetle. This insect is a scavenger, which means it can feed off almost anything that has natural fibres. It is crucial to seek immediate pest control services as dermestid beetles can forge for food anywhere in your home. If pantry supplies are secured, the dermestid beetles will begin to feed on your upholstery, your linens and more. Adult dermestid beetles tend to lay their eggs in close proximity to their food source. When these eggs hatch, the larvae prefer dark spaces, so you will most likely locate them at the back of your pantry and cabinets.

Merchant grain beetles

This pest is also referred to as the saw-toothed beetle. Merchant grain beetles have an affinity to processed food substances, so you will likely find they have infested an assortment of food staples in your home such as cereal, pet food, oats and more. When merchant grain beetles are let undeterred, your food supplies will gradually start to have a flour-like constancy as these pests eat through your food items.