No More Bugbears: Best Practices In Pest Control

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How to Keep Your Home Safe From Common Pest Infestations

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If you're home is infested with any type of bug or insect, you want to call a pest control company as soon as possible. While not all rodents, insects, snakes, and other pests are outright dangerous to you, some will carry germs and diseases that can affect your health; they can also damage your home's building materials, wiring, and insulation. Note a few tips for keeping your home safe from common pest infestations, and discuss these with a pest control expert as needed.


While not all snakes are deadly, any type of snake bite can be painful, and it should involve a trip to the doctor's office to have it treated properly. This is why you want to avoid having snakes on your property as much as possible, and especially if you have children and pets. Note that snakes often feed on rodents, so if you see snakes on your property, chances are there is a rodent infestation as well. To get rid of the snakes, set out exterior rodent traps; this will eliminate the food source for the snakes and they should then leave your property on their own.


Flies are typically attracted to smells, so ensure your rubbish cans all have airtight, locking lids; make sure that the lids stay securely closed even if the bins are empty, as residual odour can still attract these insects. Flies also typically make their way inside your home through gaps and holes along screens; they're attracted to the smell coming through an open window or door, land on the screen, and then search it to find gaps they can get through. Inspect door and window screens every spring and have these repaired or replaced as needed, to keep these pesky insects out of your home.


When inspecting your home for gaps where insects, snakes, and rodents might get in, and for standing water and moisture that might attract termites, flies, and other pests, you might forget to check the attic. Many homeowners often think that insects and rodents make their way into the home from the lower floors, but squirrels, termites, flies, and other pests can be attracted to moisture in the attic, and might make their way in through gaps around roof vents and other such openings. Ensure that there is proper ventilation in the attic so that it doesn't collect moisture and humidity, and seal up gaps around attic windows, holes in the roof, and other openings.