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Incy Wincy Spider be Gone: How to Safely Keep Spiders out of Your Child's Nursery

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As the parent of a young infant, the only spider you want in your child's nursery is the spider from the nursery rhyme: "Incy Wincy Spider". While spiders do tend to avoid contact with humans, unless provoked, you still don't want them anywhere near your child, especially the nasty kind.  If you keep seeing eight-legged invaders dangling, climbing and lurking in your child's nursery; naturally, you will be inclined to take action to remove them post haste.

However, if it appears that for some reason your child's nursery has been getting more than its fair share of spiders recently, you need to take preventative steps to keep them out.

Non-toxic deterrents are a must. Here are some safe but effective ways to keep spiders out of your child's nursery:

Place Spider-Proof Plants in the Nursery

Many plants have a natural defence against insect herbivores that may seek to eat them. Spiders too, seem to be repelled by these defences. Two such plants are the lavender and eucalyptus plants, both of which are quite pleasant for humans.

Invest in two or three of these plants and place them in and around your child's nursery to keep spiders, as well as flies and other pests at bay.

Remove Clutter

Hunting spiders such as the white-tailed spider use clutter to hide and to navigate their surroundings. Keep your child's nursery tidy and try to store everything in drawers and containers.

Don't Attract Spider Food

Spiders that roam in search of food will naturally gravitate toward the area where pests like house flies and fruit flies are present. Keep food out of the nursery. Feed your child in the kitchen and don't leave half-eaten slices of apple or banana lying around, for example.

Clear the Area around Your House

If you have seen black widows and redbacks around your home or in the vegetation, hire a spider control company to clear the area for you. This will remove spider nests and help you to identify areas of high risk. Cut away all excess vegetation in close proximity to your home.

Spray Essential Oils and Water

The natural oils of some plants, as mentioned above, are toxic to insects and detested by spiders. Mix essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus and lavender with water, and spray the nursery and the surrounding areas each day to keep pests and spiders away.

Hang Sprigs of Lavender

If you would rather not have plants in the house, you can hang sprigs of lavender around the nursery and house instead. They will have the same effect without any of the downsides that come with plants, such as having to care for them.

Are you fed up of fighting an ongoing battle with spiders? You probably need the professional help of a pest controller to eradicate the problem once and for all. A seasoned pest controller will ensure that your spider invasion is repelled so you can relax and enjoy being a parent in peace.