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How to Handle Mosquito Season

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When mosquito season hits, it can be a very uncomfortable nuisance to deal with. These little creatures can get into your home and clothes with ease, and the bites they give you leave swollen welts on your skin that last for days. The following information provides tips on what to do during mosquito season to reduce the risk of bites and other issues they represent.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Anything with standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, such as kiddie pools, buckets, and any toys that have water in them. Be sure to check your property and get rid of anything that can hold water after a rain or that can gradually fill up over time. Be sure to fill areas that easily take on water with sand and excess dirt.  A small muddy puddle can yield a lot of mosquitoes in a short time, so if you don't want your own colony of mini vampires, making it important to get rid of any and all standing water.

Treat Water in Basins

If you have bird baths, or any kind of decorative basins that hold water on your property, then you may not want to empty them of water. In this case, a good alternative is to instead treat the water. You want something that won't harm the birds and other wildlife, but will keep mosquitoes away. There are a few water treatment options available on the market to kill the larvae once they hatch. Larvicides that contain agents like BTI Bacterium are harmless to animals and humans, and are rated as very effective.

Keep Outdoor Fans Handy

Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide in the air, and it is a primary way that they use to sense and find prey. Keeping large outdoor fans can help to dissipate the carbon dioxide being emitted by you and your guests during an evening gathering. Keep them at a sitting head level to dispel the mosquito attracting exhalation, and get the most out of the fans thrust.

Concealing Candles

Candles made with Citronella can go a long way to masking much of the carbon dioxide and lactic acid people give off. They are inexpensive and you can purchase them in larger, bucket varieties. One of the primary advantages of Citronella candles is that it is completely safe and non-toxic for animals and humans.

If you continue having a mosquito problem, contact your local pest control company. They will come out and treat your yard to help keep these pesky insects away.