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Don't Overlook These Signs That Your Home May Have a Pest Infestation

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Chances are that no homeowner wants to think about a potential pest infestation in their home, but this unpleasant situation does happen, no matter where you live and no matter the age or condition of your home. Pests like mice, rats, roaches, opossums, raccoons, and others can find the smallest of openings in the outside of your home, and then burrow their way in to build a nest or find a food source. Don't wait until you actually see any of these pests in the home or on your property; note some telltale signs of an infestation so you know when it's time to call an exterminator.

Missing pet food

Pet food is very easy for any small animal to digest, and it usually has a pungent odour that they immediately recognize even from outside the home or from any other location. If you notice torn areas of pet food bags, food that you've left out for an outdoor pet that is gone before they can eat it, or any other signs of missing pet food, this usually means you have an opossum, raccoon, or other such pest on the property or even in the home.

Pet reactions

Remember that your pets can sense other animals nearby, long before you can see, hear, or smell them. If your dog or cat begins to growl, hiss, bark, grumble, sit and stare at certain parts of a room, or back away from certain walls and entryways of a home, this may mean that they sense another animal nearby. Note, too, that cats especially may get very interested in mice, rats, roaches, and other such pests, as these are a food source for them. If you notice any such reaction in your pets, or any strange behaviour, call an exterminator to investigate the situation.

Odd noises

You may know that many pests make a scratching noise behind walls as they gather materials to make a nest, or try to burrow their way into insulation or behind drywall. However, some will also make odd hissing noises, smacking noises, shrieking, clipping, and other such sounds that you may not readily recognize. If you hear any sounds from behind the walls that you cannot identify as your house just settling, and which you know is not everyday creaking and groaning from building materials, call an exterminator. It's best to have the source of these sounds found and addressed if they are from any type of pest.

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